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Congratulations!! if you've landed here, the chances are your big day is not that far away! 

Our handy guide to your wedding flowers is a good place to gather ideas and work out a budget.

Please note that seasonal factors can change price and availability.

This pricelist is recommended as a guide only and specfic requirements can change total budget. 

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Loose Hand-tied Design from £40.00
Often referred to as a posy style bouquet, this design is round in appearance with a natural stem handle which is bound with ribbon, raffia or fabric.


Formal Hand-tied Design from £50.00
The same shape as the loose hand-tied design, however this is a tightly packed bouquet often of just one or two types of flower, e.g. roses. A bold foliage collar can complement this bouquet well.


Arm Sheaf from £35.00
A longer bouquet that lays across the arm. It usually has a flat back and the flowers and foliage cascade over the arm.


Shower Bouquet from £65.00
A teardrop shaped bouquet which is characterised by the downward trailing flowers.


Bespoke Designs from £POA
There are many designs and ideas available today and you may feel that a traditional bouquet (as above) is not for you. Let us explore some ideas and see what we can come up with that is truly unique – and truly you.



It is custom to have a smaller bouquet than the bride. We can offer any of the above in a size suitable for the bridesmaid, without upstaging the bride!


Hand-tied Designs from £20.00

Arm Sheaf from £20.00

Shower Bouquets from £40.00

Wrist Corsage from £15.00


Flower Girl’s Petal Basket from £12.00


Pomander from £30.00
Best described as a ball of flowers with a ribbon looped handle from which the pomander hangs.


Floral Wand from £12.00
A simple design – great for small children. Usually a single flower encased in a wire or wicker star or other shape with a long handle. Light in weight too.


Hair Flowers:

Hair pins from £0.80 each

Alice Bands and Halos from £12.00

Slides from £8.00

Wired Twist from £14.00


Wedding Breakfast:

Flowers for the Cake from £12.00

Place Setting/Napkin Flowers from £2.00



Registrars Table Arrangement from £40.00

A long and low design suitable registrars table or alter. Usually cascades over the edge of the table.

Pedestal Arrangement from £50.00
A traditional symmetrical arrangement which is typically one of a pair. Ideal for standing on either side of the reception entrance or the alter.


Pew End Arrangement from £15.00
An arrangement intended to hang from the end of each church pew.


Pew End Tied Arrangement from £6.50


Garlands/Swaging (per metre) from £10.00

Can be twisted around pillars or to finish areas such as the font. 


Parallel Window Arrangement from £40.00


Symetrical Window Arrangement Set of 2 from £70.00 



Top Table Arrangements

Top Table Arrangement from £40.00

A long and low design suitable for the head table or alter. Usually cascades over the edge of the table.


Garlands/Swaging (per metre) from £10.00

Can be twisted around pillars or draped along the top table.



Table Centrepieces

Martini Vase

Tall Dome Arrangement

Lily Vase

Candle Posy

Candelabra Decoration 

Topiary Arrangement

Fishbowl Arrangement

Tied Fishbowl Display


 Table Centrepiece from £15.00

There are many options for table centrepieces: posies, tall vase arrangements, fish bowl arrangements etc. Vase and glassware hire is available.


Bespoke Arrangements from £ POA
Maybe you have something else in mind? Would you like an arrangement of drift wood, candles and flowers? Would you like a flower on the back of each chair? Let us create something for you to suit your theme.




Gent's Buttonholes from £2.00


Women’s Buttonholes from £2.50


Ladies Corsages from £5.00

Wrist Spray from £12.00


Handbag Spray from £10.00



Thank You Flowers:

All of the designs below have been chosen in this instance to be easy to care for on the day.

Basket Arrangements from £20.00


Hand-tied Bouquet from £25.00


Planted Arrangements from £15.00



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