Wedding Flowers: Solving Your Floral Fears

14 March 2017 12:09:47 GMT

Although we provide beautiful wedding bouquets, buttonholes and arrangements throughout the entirety of the year, ‘Wedding Season’ is fast approaching. Between April and late September, the latter part of our weeks are enjoyably chaotic with all hands on deck – some of us ‘Team Bouquets,’ Others ‘Team Centrepieces’ and Mother Bear Julie patiently wires heads of flowers by hand for a flurry of buttonholes and corsages.

We hear of many concerns regarding soon-to-be married couples floral wishes. It’s all part of being a florist, assisting in your wedding planning and advising where ever possible. Many of the hours we spend working on wedding flowers is actually planning, organising the logistics and flower supply itself, as well as solving little bits and pieces along the way.

What about if you’re getting married within an hour or so of another couple at a church, and need to share your church flowers? We have had couples in the past in this predicament who feel that their tastes are quite dissimilar to that of the other couple. We would advise to keep the colour palette neutral in this case and displayed in a ‘classic style’. Although it may not be your exact colour scheme choices - whites, creams and foliages will compliment any colour scheme and a classic traditional style will look intentionally placed next to either a more country/meadow look or a modern/designer theme. The whites will also lift the church and be seen in a somewhat usually darker inside setting.

Many ladies we see have set their hearts on specific flowers for their special day, whether it be blowsy peonies, delicately scented lily of the valley or striking electric blue delphiniums. Flowers are tricky as it is their very nature, (excuse the pun!) to grow at their own pace, in the conditions that they love best and, they’re all different, fussy fellows!! That often means that they may not be available at all during certain periods of the year. However your florist should have a wealth of knowledge, and be supported similarly by a well-established and well connected wholesaler. Sometimes the general season for a flower may be over but often a last scattering of these flowers, (late bloomers!) are still available from the final crops. Quality can be hit and miss in this instance but your florist will be able to ascertain if the flower quality is of a high enough standard. Where these favourite blooms are unavailable or very expensive due to being sourced from the other side of the world, a good florist will have a number of suggested flower varieties that have a similar appearance that can be used to retain the overall style of the bouquet without compromise.

It’s your special day, you’ve dreamed about this day since you were prancing around in mums shoes – dressing up and playing happily ever after. And that’s when hay fever hits. The thought of walking down the aisle with a streaming nose and puffy eyes fills you with dread. Don’t sweat it, you can still have a beautiful bouquet without ruining your day or your makeup! Just make sure you mention it to your florist. She will be sure to avoid heavily pollenated and scented flowers. She will also know the flowers and foliages that are most likely to set your poor nose off! If lilies are your favourite but you fear using them for somebody else’s sake – panic not, ask for ‘Asiatic Lilies’ as these are unscented and all pollen can be removed before hand.

There are many many questions that we are asked which are often started with: ‘I know this sounds silly but….’ – don’t worry, we get asked all sorts. Often it’s a much more common query than you’d have thought! Using your local florist, is more than just the purchase of flowers. It is about seeking advice from those that have trained in their field. It is about buying flowers from people that genuinely love and care for them. It’s about buying something with faith and knowledge - and knowing that you can pop back in or give us a call anytime, to ask a friendly face, just one more question.

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