AFTER THE WEDDING: What Can I do With My Wedding Bouquet?

14 March 2017 16:21:24 GMT

After the big day many brides go into their local wedding florist for advice on what they can do with their Bouquet. There are lots of options that are available that may appeal to you.

Many brides choose to take their bouquets and leave them graveside. Not having that special someone Present on your big day can be challenging. It makes a lovely sentiment to leave the bouquet with them so that they can be included with your bouquet at their side.

There’s ways of preserving your bouquet at home. Drying wedding bouquets by hand is becoming an ever popular option. You simply need to hang the bouquet upside down so it is secure in a dark warm and well ventilated area. It will take a couple of weeks to completely dry but by keeping them dark and out of direct sunlight should help the bouquet to keep its colour. Another option is to press the bouquet; this takes a bit more effort but is much more versatile. Simply cut the stem as close as you can to the flower head and place the flower face down on some parchment paper, place it between the pages of a book and weight it down. It can take up to ten days to press but once the flower is pressed the possibilities are endless; some options are either be put on a canvas, in a paper weight, on a candle, on a phone case in a scrap book or most popular framed and hung on the wall.

However if you don’t fancy preserving your bouquet at home a popular way of preserving your bouquet is to send it to a professional flower preservation centre. Precious Petals is a Highly Recommended flower preservation centre based in Hampshire that specialises in both 2D and 3D flower preservation. They turn your bouquets into beautiful keepsakes and offer a variety of ways to present and keep your bouquet. Including in paperweights, 3D frames, 2D pressed flower frames, acrylic cubes as well as bespoke arrangements that cater to you preferences. Although it is not a cheap exercise, it will allow you to treasure your flower for years to come.

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